If your property’s plumbing system has issues, it won’t just drain your energy and patience, but your wallet and savings as well. Paying attention to your plumbing system can help avoid time-consuming and expensive plumbing repairs. For that, we’ll provide you some tips to determine that your plumbing system is malfunctioning and that it needs to be repaired ASAP.

Damaged walls or ceilings

Once you can observe cracks, swelling, or moisture marks on your walls or ceiling, it can be due to water leak either from damaged pipes or leaky roof. When you think that it’s a damaged or cracked pipe, then fire a certified plumber to have it checked right away. If you delay such inspection, then a leaking pipe will keep on damaging your framing, trim, insulation, walls, and ceilings.

Running toilet

When water continually runs in your toilet bowl, it is probably due to a loose flapper valve that allows water to constantly pass from the tank to the bowl. The next time you observe that your toilet runs by itself, check what’s in your toilet tank rather than just jiggling the handle of the flush.


IF your sink basin, toilet bowl, and bathtub’s surface has rust stains, it can be an indicator that your plumbing system is having issues. Rust stains can possibly be due to corrosion within your water heater or water pipes. Never neglect this indicator. Other rural property owners that has rusty water may be taken advantage from water treatment.

Dripping faucets

You should never neglect a minor issue in your home such as a leaky faucet because it can be a sign of a much more serious problems like broken or cracked pipes. Once you choose to delay the repairs for a long time, you will lose more water than you think. As a result, you will get to notice that your drainage and water bill increases.

Clogged drains

When the water tends to drain extremely slowly from your sink, it might be due to a complete or partial clog. To solve this for the meantime, you can attempt using clog removers or drain-cleaning chemicals and a plunger. But, be cautious not to utilize drain cleaners too frequently. Otherwise, overusing it can commonly cause your pipes to be damaged. The greatest solution to eliminate stubborn clogs within your plumbing system would be to get it checked and repaired by an expert plumber.

Low water pressure

When the water that comes from your faucets has extremely low pressure, a lot lower than the usual, then consider calling a certified plumber right away. There are 2 major reasons for low pressure:

  • Pipes that are really too tiny to deal with your plumbing requirements
  • Clogging of pipes with some materials and mineral deposits.

To help you determine the major issue and to effectively fix it, it’s a must to reach out to your trusted plumbing service provider today for a full plumbing and septic services in Greenwood IN today to know what courses must be done to fix any of your plumbing issues.